August 28, 2022

Welcoming Library

A Canadianized collaboration between I’m Your Neighbor Books, Langley Literacy Network & Langley Children Committee

Welcoming Library – A pop up conversation in immigration and belonging. That conversation is driven by a collection of acclaimed picture books featuring New Arrival and New Canadian communities to create a dialogue about immigration, welcoming and belonging.

Readers of all ages “meet” these families on the page and explore the commonalities shared by all families. This exploration is done with I’m Your Neighbor Books-created discussion questions as well as companion programming and education materials. The collection — with its pop-up display unit — packs into two crates and travels between schools, libraries, and community centres in Langley, building an environment of welcoming and belonging.

“Because books change our perception of ourselves and others, they are unexpectedly powerful anti-racist tools.” —Kirsten Cappy, Executive Director I’m Your Neighbour Books

Welcoming Libraries are touring collections of New Arrival and New Canadian picture books. Highlighted in a pop-up display unit, the books have embedded discussion questions written by I’m Your Neighbor Books.

These questions help people of all ages and backgrounds have conversations on immigration, welcoming, and belonging.

Reserve a Circulating Welcoming Library

The Welcoming Library is a traveling collection, designed to visit schools, libraries, and community centres in Langley, free of charge. To borrow a Welcoming Library, contact [email protected] and you can display it for a 2 week period at your location.

To Learn more or purchase your own Canadian version of a Welcoming Library, contact:

I’m Your Neighbor Books is a project that highlights the lives of New Arrivals and New Americans through the sharing of children’s literature. By reading and engaging with children’s books, readers of all ages and backgrounds can experience immigration and cultural celebration. Fiction, from picture books to novels, allows readers to see themselves and others in a way that changes the culture of Belonging and Welcoming. sorts and features children’s books by the culture represented, allowing for schools, libraries, and organizations to best select and share books that represent their neighborhoods and the diversity of the nation.

I’m Your Neighbor Books | [email protected] | 207-613-1619

Thank you to our Sponsors for supporting this project:

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