October 6, 2021

Community One-on-One Learning (COOL) Program

Community One on One Learning is the core component of the  Langley Literacy Network Community Adult Literacy Programs. COOL pairs adult  learners aged 19+ with a trained volunteer literacy tutor.  

This one-on-one program focuses on the specific needs and goals of each  individual adult learner. The tutor and learner meet for one to two hours each week  at a time that works best for the learner’s schedule.  

Our program provides one on one individualized and personalized learning that  targets the specific needs of the learner, and each tutor creates personal lesson  plans for the learner to reflect that.  

Benefits of COOL

COOL has flexible content and our assessments identify where the learner has a  knowledge gap and then the tutors plan activities to address those specific needs. 

When we support individuals in improving their literacy skills there is tremendous  benefit to the community at large. When parents develop literacy skills they can  more fully participate in their children’s education, they can volunteer, they can try  new things without the fear of being caught in a situation where their lack of  literacy might be exposed.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you‘ll go.”  Dr Seuss

We hear so often from our learners who are naturalized  Canadian citizens that they are proud to be Canadians and they want to give back  but feel without reading, writing and language skills they have nothing to offer to  the community. With increased literacy skills, all adult learners can become full  participatory members of the community, and the community can benefit as well  as the individual.  

COOL supports learners in their goals to improve their basic literacy skills for  everyday life, or for life skills such as getting a drivers licence, reading a bill or a  child’s report card. 

Through COOL, learners are able to gain sufficient literacy skills to be able to  complete such tasks like: reading their mail, reading their prescription bottles,  ordering off a menu independently, navigating transit, reading the newspaper, and  volunteering in the community. 

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Our Story

The Langley Literacy Network is committed to building on community strengths to encourage lifelong learning by ensuring that residents of all ages have access to sufficient and appropriate information, services, and support to meet their literacy needs.

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We offer programs such as Reading Buddies, Wrap-a-Read, Community One-on-One Learning, Conversation Circles and more to help children, families and adults improve their literacy skills. Connect with us today to access literacy programs or to learn how you can support literacy in your community.

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