Bond to Literacy  


The Bond to Literacy program teaches parents how to help their children become ready for school. Our facilitator helps parents learn ways to make the storybooks come alive for their children with activities, songs, play and crafts. Each family gets a set of 6 beautiful picture books and activity packs so they are ready to learn at home. 

What Bond to Literacy parents say: 

"Before Bond To Literacy my daughter played on the cell phone a lot. Now when she comes from school she wants to play with me! She wants to read and act out stories!”

“I learned to ask open-ended questions. Before I just read the books for my children. Now I ask a lot of questions, I am more patience and enjoy the story time. My children answer my questions and use their imagination more.” 

“Before we started Bond To Literacy, my son used to wake up and right away look for a tablet or my cell phone. Now it doesn’t happen anymore. He asks me to read to him, play with him and buy him new books! He is using his imagination and can concentrate more. He is also more social. No more tablets! No more cell phones!” 

“Before Bond To Literacy I was just a reader and my son was just a listener. Now we have great interaction and talks” 

“Before, reading books to my child was just a task for me. Now it s so interactive, interesting and fun, even for me!”


btl january 2017 picture