History of Literacy Organizations in Langley  

Supporting and promoting literacy in Langley has a long history.

librarianIn 1995 the Langley Advance, Langley School District, the Fraser Valley Regional Libraries and Willowbrook Shopping Centre combined to produce the hugely successful Building a Community of Readers project. This project was awarded the Governor General’s Flight for Freedom Award for Literacy Innovation.
In 1999 the Langley Advance and Langley School District again partnered to produce a bi-weekly program of activities, games, and short stories, called Bonkers. The goal was to develop an interest in reading among primary-school-aged children. This program won the prestigious Ma Murray Community Service Award.
The PALS  (Parents as Literacy Supporters) program, created by Fiona Morrison and Dr. Jim Anderson of UBC was born and piloted in Langley. That program has now gone national and international.
The Langley Literacy Association, founded in 2001, has promoted literacy for almost 10 years. Our flagship program is Wrap-a-Read, a partnership with the Langley Christmas Bureau to provide every child registered with the Christmas Bureau with a brand now book at Christmas. The Langley Literacy Association was also key in bringing Literacy Now to Langley.
Langley Literacy Now  

Langley Literacy Now came out of the Provincial Government Legacies 2010 initiative  created as part of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games with the intent of leveraging the games to create lasting legacies.

2010 Literacy Now invited all B.C. communities to develop and submit a community literacy plan that would assess literacy programs and resources in each community, to identify assets as well as gaps and challenges and create a community plan that would support and promote literacy in that community.

The Langley Literacy Association took on that challenge hosting a community launch and planning meeting in March of 2005. This process resulted in the formation of the Langley Literacy Now Task Force – a broad-based group representing Langley social service providers, the Fraser Valley Regional library, Kwantlen University College, Langley school district, the Aboriginal community and the faith community. Planning funds to continue the process were received in July 2005.

The Task Force met for the next 2 years, and through extensive community consultation developed the Langley community literacy plan called “Literacy for the 21st Century: A Plan for Langley”. The plan was approved by 2010 Literacy Now in 2008.

The Langley Community Literacy Plan was presented to and endorsed by the community at the first Langley Literacy Summit in February of 2008. The summit resulted in the formation of the Langley Community Literacy Steering Committee whose task it is to oversee the implementation of the plan.

This Steering Committee brings together broad representation from across the community - municipal government, Langley schools, post secondary institutions, the library, social service agencies, the Aboriginal community and Langley Literacy Association. The Literacy Steering Committee meets about 10 times a year to  assess progress and set priorities for work on the plan. It organizes a Literacy Summit once a year to connect with the community and review the Literacy Plan.

Funding for a Literacy Outreach Coordinator was put in place in 2008. The Literacy Outreach Coordinator works with the committee to implement the literacy plan.

Download “Literacy for the 21st Century: A Plan for Langley” (479KB PDF)